Christine Anderson

Editor in ChiefYES-CHRISTINE

Christine Anderson is a senior majoring in both Theatre and English and minoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she moved to Albuquerque in order to attend UNM. In addition to work and classes, Christine enjoys hosting game nights with friends, going on adventures, and reading everything she can.

Shayla Brooks


Peer Advisor

Shayla is a senior who is pursuing majors in both Psychology and International Studies and a minor in Interdisciplinary Honors. As a native New Mexican, her future goal is to be a social worker or counselor in Albuquerque to help her community. She loves reading books and comics, petting her dogs, and playing Minesweeper.

Serena Mickens


Peer Advisor

Serena is a senior majoring in Languages (Russian and Italian) with minors in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and Communication. She is a native New Mexican who loves to experience new things and dreams of traveling the world. While she is not in class or working, Serena listens to music, bakes, photography, and spending time with friends and family.


Samuel Shoemaker-Trejo


Peer Advisor

Samuel Shoemaker-Trejo is a senior majoring in Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and minoring in Theatre. Alongside his diverse academic, creative, and profess-ional interests, Samuel also enjoys spending time with his loving friends and family, playing the occasional game of Ultimate Frisbee, and protecting a well-earned position in the nearest Magic: The Gathering™ tournament.