Is it Worth it?

“Is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my thing down flip it and rever-” oh wait. That’s not what this is about. Recently I had the opportunity to attend a VIP Meet and Greet for some of my favorite artists on the “Friends and Family” tour pictured above; rappers Andy Mineo and […]

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Responding the Way I Should

When tragedy strikes, no one can tell you how you should feel. Don’t get me wrong—they may try. They might tell you that you should hate your sexual assaulter or feel broken in the wake of a break-in. Sometimes people will make you think that if you don’t feel the way you should, maybe your […]

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Finding a Place in Science

Forensic Ecology— I wasn’t quite sure what that meant when I heard it. All I knew was that our class would be sifting through mounds of sand and rock to find real-life dinosaur bones. I was sold. But as we went around the classroom on the first day of class introducing ourselves, I suddenly felt […]

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The Magic of Tradition

Tradition has a lot of names: superstition, ritual, custom, mores… It can affect what we do, the way we interact with the world, and sometimes even our success. Today I said goodbye to Scotland. The only person in my study abroad class still in the country, I had an entire day to kill in the beautiful and […]

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Old (adj.) Old English ald (Anglian), eald (West Saxon) ‘aged, antique, primeval; elder, experienced,’ from Proto-Germanic *althaz ‘grown up, adult’ (source also of Old Frisian ald, Gothic alþeis, Dutch oud, German alt), originally a past participle stem of a verb meaning ‘grow, nourish’ (compare Gothic alan ‘to grow up,’ Old Norse ala ‘to nourish’), from PIE […]

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