When in Rome…

Three days into 2018 I departed Albuquerque, alone, at 8:55 AM for a final destination of Rome, Italy. Other people who’ve traveled alone had told me how life-changing this trip would be, but I had no idea what I was about to embark on. Over the next 12 days I would confirm to others dozens […]

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Is it Worth it?

“Is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my thing down flip it and rever-” oh wait. That’s not what this is about. Recently I had the opportunity to attend a VIP Meet and Greet for some of my favorite artists on the “Friends and Family” tour pictured above; rappers Andy Mineo and […]

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The Magic of Tradition

Tradition has a lot of names: superstition, ritual, custom, mores… It can affect what we do, the way we interact with the world, and sometimes even our success. Today I said goodbye to Scotland. The only person in my study abroad class still in the country, I had an entire day to kill in the beautiful and […]

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Old (adj.) Old English ald (Anglian), eald (West Saxon) ‘aged, antique, primeval; elder, experienced,’ from Proto-Germanic *althaz ‘grown up, adult’ (source also of Old Frisian ald, Gothic alþeis, Dutch oud, German alt), originally a past participle stem of a verb meaning ‘grow, nourish’ (compare Gothic alan ‘to grow up,’ Old Norse ala ‘to nourish’), from PIE […]

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