New City in New Mexico?

What if New Mexico were to gain a new city almost overnight without having to build it from the ground up? In the near future, this may be a reality.

new city


El Paso, Texas, a corner city between Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. Many people in Texas don’t even know where it is or that it’s part of the state, causing those living in El Paso to feel neglected by their home state. Their solution? A divorce from Texas and a new marriage with New Mexico. The benefits are as follows:

  • Hypothetically, if this were to happen then it would be a welcome economic boost to New Mexico. For the year of 2018, El Paso’s economy is expected to increase by 2% to $27.4 billion. Compared to the entire state of New Mexico’s GDP in 2016 of $86.046 billion, that would be nearly a 32% increase in GDP.
  • In return for the increase in GDP, it would make logical sense that El Paso would no longer be a neglected city as it would make up more than a quarter of the entire states GDP.
  • Culturally, El Paso is very similar to New Mexico and may feel more welcome.
  • If successful, other cities may do the same which could allow better representation of the needs of smaller populations that tend to be overshadowed by the much larger populations.

Overall, such a scenario is a long way off and, as of right now, is only talk. Only time may tell what the future of the Land of Enchantment and El Paso will bring.


Written By Jason Zhang


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