Adulting 101: Financing Your College Life


College is expensive.

This, in addition to many other student expenses, can break the bank. It’s unfortunate that college students end up with this huge burden of debt. We should be able to focus on doing homework or participating in school activities instead of worrying about whether to buy that sandwich for lunch or skipping meals to pay for parking or textbooks.

Fortunately, there are vast options for students to save money for food or other necessities for college. One suggestion is using coupons and online promo codes. Many students do not know much about these coupons and end up paying for items or food that they could’ve bought for half the price. If you shop at Walmart, every time you get a receipt you can scan that receipt on the Walmart app to get reimbursements. You can also use the same receipt on an app called “Fetch Rewards.” This app will automatically give you 3 dollars upon signing up, and you can use it on many stores, whether online or in-store. There is also an app called “Win It” where you play to gain points that you can use to buy things at Sears or Kmart. This is not a scam, it actually works! Personally, I have bought bed sheets, running shoes, and toiletries without paying a cent.

These are only some of the apps you can use to save money and there are many more online. Use your access to social media and the internet to find more discounts and promotional offers that will save you hundreds of dollars over time. Happy saving!


Written by Rhudovic Ramos


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