Why You Should See Mars… Bruno Mars

If you have ever gotten to know me, then there is a 99% chance that I have in some way expressed my love and admiration for Bruno Mars to you. If you haven’t heard me say this, or don’t know me on a personal level, then here it goes: Bruno Mars is my favorite person ever, (although LeBron James does come in as a close second).

If you’re asking yourself “Is she really going to write a blog post on Bruno Mars?” then the answer to your question is yes, yes she is.

This blog post is actually relevant because not too long ago,  Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th, I actually went to both concerts Bruno had in Denver (which were absolutely amazing). It really got me thinking how I wish everyone could see Bruno in concert, so essentially I am here to persuade you to do just that.

The following is a list of some reasons why you should attend one of his concerts:

  • He can sing, like really sing. Now obviously you don’t become a famous singer if you can’t sing, but sometimes the artist you hear on the radio is a little different from the one you see in concert. With Bruno, this doesn’t happen. In fact, I would argue that he actually sings better live because he can alter the versions of the songs that he sings to really show off his range.
  • He can dance. As someone that grew up impersonating Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, it’s kind of a given that this guy knows how to dance. This really adds to the quality of his live shows as it is so much more than him just standing and singing. I really don’t even know how he manages to dance and still sing flawlessly. I can’t even walk up a few flights of stairs without feeling a little out of breath.
  • He is musically gifted. Besides being good at singing and dancing, many may be surprised to find out that he can also hop on various instruments and kill it. At any concert you may see him play the guitar, piano, or drums and truly hold his own.
  • His band is awesome. Something that I really respect from Bruno is that he really incorporates his band into his show. With some concerts that I’ve been to, oftentimes the band is almost shoved into the shadows of the stage. At Bruno’s concerts they are up there with him, carrying around their instruments, singing backup, and performing choreography with him. Also, some of them even get their own solo during the show and all get a shout-out at the end.
  • He wants you to have a good time. In total, I have seen Bruno perform live four times, twice for his Moonshine Jungle World Tour and now twice for his 24k Magic World Tour. At each concert one thing was obvious, he was up there doing what he loves and sharing it with us. He genuinely wants everyone to feel like they are at a party. If you like to have a good time, then this is the person you want to see.

I probably could add so many more reasons as to why you should see Bruno live, but I feel like the five I’ve included are the most important, especially to those who aren’t as big of fans as myself. If you do happen to go see him some tips are be ready to dance, sing, and have a good time. Also, while having low-quality concert videos may be fun to look back on after the fact, try to be in the moment without your phone (which is easier said than done). An added incentive to follow-through on this is that Bruno has said that he sings to the people that aren’t recording him.

If I haven’t sold you on seeing Bruno live or you are a fellow Bruno fan and just want someone to fan-girl with, I’m more than willing to have a nice conversation about that. If I had enough money I would hire him to put on a show and invite everyone for free, but unfortunately I’m a poor college student so the best I can do is to advise you to see him. (As a side note, if you are looking for some free entertainment to go to definitely consider checking out Silent Lights. It’ll take place at Smith Plaza Thursday, September 28th from 8:30-11 PM. From what I hear it’s supposed to be really cool with 3 different DJs you can listen to and a lights show).

Anyhow, I’m sure that we all have an artist or band that we feel everyone would benefit from seeing, so feel free to comment yours below or share the love for Bruno.


Written by Olivia Leyva


Photo courtesy of USA Today Images © PictureGroup


One thought on “Why You Should See Mars… Bruno Mars

  1. Hi my favorite bands are “Oh Wonder” and “Fall Out Boy”. I’ve seen FOB once in concert in Denver, CO! Oh Wonder is the dream.

    Bruno is pretty awesome though. I’ve seen around this really cool black and white picture of him around the UNM campus.


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