New City in New Mexico?

What if New Mexico were to gain a new city almost overnight without having to build it from the ground up? In the near future, this may be a reality. EL PASO, TX El Paso, Texas, a corner city between Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. Many people in Texas don’t even know where it is […]

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When in Rome…

Three days into 2018 I departed Albuquerque, alone, at 8:55 AM for a final destination of Rome, Italy. Other people who’ve traveled alone had told me how life-changing this trip would be, but I had no idea what I was about to embark on. Over the next 12 days I would confirm to others dozens […]

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Cozy Winter Reads

On behalf of all the cold-weather lovers out there, I will be the first to express my relief that it has finally become cold enough here in Albuquerque to whip out our soft blankets and piping hot tea mugs. While you are sitting in front of the fireplace (or in my case, sitting in front […]

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To Move or Not to Move Part II

I write today to share good news: The Honors College will no longer have to relocate to the Art Annex! There are three major reasons for this change. In the wake of the August regents meeting, the UNM board of regents created a task force to look over the reallocation of SHAC’s ground-level space. That […]

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